Selling Your Orlando Home

Looking to sell your Orlando home?

But did you know that we are also a leader in Orlando real estate? Whether you’re looking to invest in a vacation property in the Orlando area or are hoping to sell your home, our experienced realty professionals can guide you through the process and help you make the right decision.

Sell your Orlando home! When the time has come to sell your Orlando-area home, our experienced team can help you get the maximum possible return on your investment.

Why should you trust our Real Estate Team with the sale of your home?

  • We have buyers ready and waiting to view your home – many are looking to purchase a home like yours.
  • Our unique position as property managers, real estate agents and Florida specialists means your property enjoys exposure to an interested market.
  • We advertise widely, including direct marketing in the UK, to ensure that your home gets prime exposure all over the world.
  • We offer competitive industry rates.
  • Our real estate team provide you with a great service, in the quickest possible timeframe.

We handle sales and purchases from US residents and International property owners and are ready to help you get the best price.

We offer an initial CMA (comparative market analysis) that will ensure your home appraises correctly when required.

Please do get in touch.   With offices in the UK and Orlando, we are well placed to help sellers all over the world.

The Current Market – 2021

If there has ever been a great time to sell – this is it.    The Florida Real Estate market did not stop for the Pandemic and there were many US citizens moving down to Florida throughout this period.

Many UK and worldwide owners saw the period of inactivity in renting their home as a chance to sell too.

There is now very little inventory available, which of course drives prices UP and means that you can be assured of a high price for your home.

Give us a call at either office to chat about what you can expect to sell your home for in this very inflated market.