With over 20 years’s experience, we are well placed to provide the information required throughout your ownership journey

Our team are fully experienced and can assist you with any of the potential issues that may arise in Florida, that require assistance when you are many miles away.   When we receive information that may affect your home, we will share it.

We offer platforms where you can share information amongst other owners, both in your communities and in the wider area.   Tips can be shared and your voices can be heard.

We do not demand that you keep all services with us and can support any part of your ownership journey, or all of it – the choice is yours.

Our service is unique and can be added to or changed, as required.

Contact us to talk through your requirements.


Property Consultant, Florida Expert, Business Consultant, Technical Guru

Tracy is based in the UK and brings experience as a Florida villa owner to this partnership. Having been involved with Orlando property and owners for over 20 years, Tracy is our trusted Property Consultant and the first point of contact for enquiries from the UK.


Property Management, Florida Expert, Real Estate Agent, Emigrated To Florida

Debbie, along with her husband and children, made the dream of living in the USA a reality.  She has run a successful business in Orlando,for over 15 years.  Debbie is one of our licensed Real Estate Agents and is highly recommended for her attention-to-detail and customer service skills.


Real Estate Agent, Florida Expert,Marketing,Emigrated To Florida

Holly, now a settled American,  has worked for a number of years in Real Estate.   Starting as a Junior, she learnt her trade and moved forward.   She knows the area and the market.   Her marketing skills are a key contributor to her success – selling homes quickly and finding qualified buyers.


Yes, you are signing up to be a part of a villa owner community, where the sharing of advice and recommendation is encouraged.   Our forums will allow you to post questions and receive comments from other owners.

Yes, of course.

With longstanding experience, both as owners and business professionals, in the Orlando area vacation rental business,we have seen the pitfalls and felt the knock on effect of Services purchased that do not provide what they say they state they can.

Over the last 18 months, we have put together services that will help you, as absent owners, to take better care of your homes and offer a trusted service to your guests.  We have made these services easily accessible, cost effective and trusted.   Any contractors we use are our own approved suppliers – we know the service we receive is good and are happy to utilise these services as part of our responsibility to our owners.

Yes, it is your home. At Villa Owner Services we want to offer an alternative solution for owners to care for their properties when they live thousands of miles away from their rental investment. Your Management team take care of your day-to-day home and guest needs, but may not be well placed to help with other services that are needed, or you feel that you have no option but to use their over-priced services.

Support and assistance for Florida Villa Owners.  You put your trust and investment in the hands of a management company, based in Florida. Sometimes it is a great partnership, but sometimes things go wrong.

We are a company based in the UK with strong, longstanding connections in Florida. We have the ability to help you out without you having to travel out to Florida to sort out any issues.

Sometimes things do not go as planned.  This current Pandemic has highlighted that situations can change overnight and we just have to adjust.

If you are concerned about where the long term effects of Covid-19 will leave you, please do contact us to talk about the options we are offering owners to help.

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